Poll: New Island

Long ago, I began work on a new island. It was subsequently canceled. What I need from you guys now is to choose whether or not you would like this island to be completed and released.

Terra wants you!

An announcement to all banned players. As you will start seeing, work on Terra has restarted. A few of the admins have banded together and are now making a real go of it to bring this game back to life.

A lot of work

I'm currently working as a web development consultant until the end of the year. Andy and the other admins are going to start working on getting things going again.

Web has been fixed!

After spending a little time messing around, myself and Tom have fixed the Web, illusionary spikes, and Holy shield spells.

For those of you who don't know, the web spell can be purchased from Sayf

The Guild Ladder

On top of Mysticism now being fixed, Tom believes that the guild ladder should update one a day.

The latest fix.

It took quite a while, but for those of us that only had 20 Mysticism, those days are OVER.