After waiting forever to release it, Ryze is finally here. You can reach Ryze by heading to the entrance of Secret City and boarding my horrible excuse of a train.

What's Happening?

Over the last few weeks, some of you may have noticed a lack of admin presence yet a large amount of posts pertaining to projects that are currently ongoing.

Zarkhan Island

Eons ago, when humans first learned to wield magic, an order of mages cast a powerful spell to help alleviate the severe arctic climate.

Noob Island Guide

The complete guide to noob island.

Secret City - On its way out.

For quite some time now, it has been planned that Secret City would be demolished. It wasn't until relatively recently that it was decided a certain town would replace it.

FYI: Maze Of Hell

Due to the remapping of Antwerp the original location of the Maze of Hell was unable to fit the 'building', so the maze itself was relocated.