Today, the admin team learned of an attempt to change the password of a character by someone previously on the team.


The entire Terra team would like to extend a very happy Congratulations to our very own Andy (Dooc) on the birth of his daughter early this morning. Congratulations!

Crossroads Complete

After just a week, the construction of crossroads is complete.


As of today, demons and dark fairy's both have a new drop. What they drop, I will not say. I will however say that the Dark Fairy drop has a rate of 1/650, and the demon drop has a rate of 1/600.

Drop Recalibration

Several months ago, the admin team discussed a plan for recalibrating drops after the next client update. While this event will still happen, I have redone mob drops, making almost all drops more likely. HOWEVER,

Quest Changes

In the past, players had a bad habit of maxing HP on their characters before completing quests that rewarded experience. These times are now behind us.