The Hunt Continues!

The second Part of our Easter Egg Hunt has begun. Eggs can be found in Escher, Reet, and Antwerp on the Main Islands. Eggs are also now in Karmiel and Edgewood on Noob Island.

The Hunt

Finally the results are in!

The first round of our Easter Egg hunt has ended and the winners are as follows:

Easter Reminders

Hello Players of Terra World!

Just letting everyone know several Easter's with no easter egg hunts, that there are certain things about the eggs all should remember.

Easter cleanup

The Easter bells and bunnies have done it again. Every year they come and pollute our fine lands with a bunch of colorful eggs..


Yet another congratulations is due, but this time to Emeraldice/Kimmy who literally just found out she is pregnant!

Under Construction

Players should be aware that Larcenia forest will be under construction until further notice. You may notice maps not lining up together, or areas that are missing entirely.