New Items.

With the release of the Gryphons yesterday, 2 items were released as drops. Outside of these, an npc hiding in Reet will also sell you some items. However, these items are mostly for collectors.

The Gryphons

People of Terra. The Gryphons have been released into our lands for you to slaughter at your will. Note that Gryphons will not raise the HP cap.

Egg Hunt Ends

After an incredible week of players hunting for easter eggs, our last hunt for the season has come to a close. And the winners are....

Helping Others

After several years as Staff on TerraWorld, I have helped countless people do pretty much anything that can possibly be done on this game.


Aside from the obvious 100hp needed to create a guild, a few new rules have been instated to prevent players from feeling as though admins have 'stolen' from them.


Support Tickets.

Due to the massive influx of new players thanks to Martyn of, I feel the need to announce that players should not send in blank support tickets.