Leires is open!

Thanks to the help of players, Daniel Jackson was able to find and open the passage to a new town, Leires.

Pyramids of Myrrh

The pyramids to the south of Port Myrrh have recently been opened. Only the strongest of warriors may enter, though it seems someone has already beat you there.

Christmas Contest!

As we all know, Christmas is just around the corner! We'd like to implement some new Christmas quests, and we need your help!

Smoke on the Water

As of last night, there have been reports of smoke out over the water to the east. It might be worth looking into as you never know what it might be. It might even be a friend in need of assistance.

New Player Support! (All Players Read)

We have raised 1.2 million gold through auctions that will be given out to new players to help them progress through the game.

Class Island Demise

After years of being the go to spot for Dragon Hatchling Hunting, and general frustration, Class Island sank into the sea today after the inhabitants had a long and strenuous battle with disease and snow demons.