Downtime at 2pm gmt

There will be some scheduled downtime at 2pm GMT today (5 Mar 2010). The game and website will be unavailable for a duration between 30 minutes and 2 hours.

EDIT: TWO is back online.

Report lag

Server lag seems to be much better lately. If any global lag spikes happen again, please post DATE and TIME in this forum post so I can check the corresponding logs for error reports or slow queries.

Somnium Phase 2

I have noticed a lot of players have good ideas about how to improve Somnium. Since this is the first thing new players see of TerraWorld, I think it would be a good idea to collect those remarks and ideas and add to/change Somnium before we start on the main island remapping.

Post screenshots!

Hey guys, we need screenshots of the game client for the website. I would like everyone to create screenshots of the best maps on TerraWorld and post them here.

Forum migration

To minimize impact on the community I have spent a lot of time migrating our old forums into this new website. Due to the size of the forum I wasn't able to migrate all posts who were made after Feb 24 2010.

Monsters are evolving

Scientists all over TerraWorld have noticed a change in the monsters. They react differently, they seem to move more purposeful and they are more vicious than ever!