First Easter egg hunt is over

Happy Easter! The first annual Easter egg hunt is closed.

Fudo is the winner with a score of 8865 (omgwtf?). He will receive a Donation Easter Egg.

Easter Egg Hunt started!

The annual Easter Egg Hunt has started again! The following weeks we will be having egg hunts regularly.


Screenshot Contest Winners

The winners have been chosen. Each screenshot is worth 10,000 gold. The player that posted the most usable screenshots will receive a pair of Devil Wings on top of the gold prize.

Work on the Creature Engine

Tomorrow I'm resuming work on the Creature Engine. Due to my quest to reduce lag and the building of the new website I had to put it on hold for a while.

Terraworld Screenshot Contest

That's right. We're holding a screenshot contest. We will give you 10k gold per screenshot we use. And the overall winner (>10 accepted screenshots) will receive Devil Wings.

Search feature added

We have added the possibility to search in our website and forums. We are using a more advanced search than before which causes minimum load on the server database.