Terraworld Tournament

A tournament will soon be held in Reet at the Reet Tourney Arena! It will, if possible, be held at 2:30 PM Central (-6 GMT) Wednesday.

The bracket has been decided so if you have entered, be sure to look.

New Quests!

A series of new quests have been released on Hackham Islands(formerly Kelton)! Be sure to talk to all npcs you see and check out all suspicious items!

TWO Java Client v0.0.1

Cyle, Dave, Luke and myself have been working hard on a project to create a completely new game client for TerraWorld.

Airships Alpha Version

We have opened up an alpha version of our world map system for fast transport across the world.

Terraworld Facebook Page

Because the fan page on facebook about TerraWorld was created by a fan and therefore unofficial, we decided to move over to an official TWO fan page.

Client Update v2.2.5

We have released a new mandatory game client. This update contains extra world graphics and the needed changes to make our World Transport project possible.