Is Terra dead?

No, I don't think so...

Below I am explaining what our projects are and I'm explaining why we choose to do it this way.

Halloween Competitions!

Halloween Spriting Competitions
Halloween is coming up, and this year Terra is holding two spriting competitions!
We are looking for fun, Halloween themed costumes and Halloween themed items(

New Client v2.2.6

We have released a new client update. This update is non-mandatory but it gives you an experience bar, some altered graphics and various bug-fixes.

Race For The Top Competition Winners

The race is over, the results are in!

New Main Town Name Suggestions

It seems to be a game-wide agreement that the names of the new main towns aren't exactly up to par.

New Main - Sneak Peak

While the New Main project is in full swing and coming along nicely I figured I would share an inside look of one of the islands.