Welcome back

We have had some serious downtime. Our dedicated server's hard drive crashed 5 days ago. I have been working hard these past few days to try and restore TerraWorld.

Christmas Competition!

Its that time of year again, christmas will be upon us very shortly, and the admins need some ideas of what you guys would like.

The Evilly Goodness!!

Halloween Town is open!
Explore the southern most edge of Cross Roads to find the opening to this mystical, and somewhat evil place.

New items and rewarding quests await you!

A Spooky Fog Looms...

Halloween is just around the corner, and the townfolk of Karmiel, Edgewood, Eyre, Escher, Reet and Antwerp are all getting into the spirit.

New users activations codes

Welcome New Users. If you have not received your activation code by now, check your spam or junk mail box.

My Facebook account

I have noticed that over the past few weeks a lot of people have been trying to add me on Facebook as a friend.