Wow, It's been a while

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Wow. only words I can say when loggin onto this. It says I've been a member for 13 + years. That's insane. This is one of my newer characters so I must have been a member for about 15-16 years. Does anybody still play? is FVantom still around? I am mind blown. I have a character on the game and I have a ton of stuff still lol. quite surprised. Can't believe this game is still running. We used to get 50-100 players on at a time. Back in the good old days. Dragonavatar, Honey, Fatalis, shient, Fez, I can't even remember them all its been so long.

Brent aka. Zabbo

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You could probably count

You could probably count players who still log on on one hand, but yeah. I play on a different character, but use forums on this one

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Yeah, i got curious and

Yeah, i got curious and checked it out again too. lol