What's the current status of terra?

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There have being a few major changes on Terra and there haven't being ANY official announcements of the game current status.

As a few of us know, there is currently NO ADMINS!
No admins means there is nobody that can fix maps, fix quests, correct NPCs, map player houses, in short nobody to maintain the game. There are a few things I have discover while playing that needs fixing but yeaa... What's worst is that there aren't even many officers frequently to HELP people that get stuck and other things.

The donation shop is being close for WAY too long. Can't you just make up pay by amazon or a 3rd party and let them figure out the taxes.

Many people don't want to play because there are rumors that a mobile terraworld being work on. Which means, a new restart. People are going to lose their character they have play for YEARS! Also, some people have donate for their items. They will lose the items for which they have donate. Not to mention there are other which can only access by a computer.

There are still people playing this game. We want to know exactly what's going on. Please, let us know.

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Ive already explained to you

Ive already explained to you and others in game, so I don't understand what you're trying to accomplish with this thread.

1. I have said to you and everyone else that still plays that there is no known character wipe coming.

2. The Mobile project is a strong possibility; a strong MAYBE that has not been 100% decided upon by Tom. We have been discussing possibilities and looking at the prospects of a mobile version of the game. As I said in the first statement, this does not necessarily mean that there is a impending character wipe, or that the current server will shut down. How can there be an official announcement when nothing has been decided. As the Official posts indicate on the main page, we are doing research & development into such things.

3. As I've already explained in game, the Admin team has been disbanded in part due to malicious activities discovered and ill effects due to a lack of understanding of the Admin tools, Quest editor and privileges given to people arbitrarily.

4. It's false to say that many people don't want to play because of rumors involving a reset. I've made sure to repeatedly dispel that rumor over and over again. This is more classic Terraworld Drama for those of you who refuse to listen and continue to spread this rumor.

5. The regulations regarding VAT differ from country to country. EU Member States all require separate technical and financial details. There is a lot of bureaucracy involved in complying that doesn't justify the small trickle of donations. Tom has loyally kept the server up for the handful of people that still play out of his own pocket. He is extremely busy with things much higher on his priority list. Hopefully he can respond to this thread and clear this up a little better.