What monsters to kill at each HP threshold.

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Here is my take as I have made a new Terra character at what monsters to fight at what HP and when to move on to the next monster. It is largely opinion, but this is a general outline for people who are new, or haven't played on a new character for a long while.

Noob Island:
20 HP - Kill slimes until 25 HP

25 HP - Kill wolves until 30 HP

30 HP - Kill orcs until 38-40 HP

38-40 HP - Kill mega slimes until 50+ HP.

Main Island:
50-80 HP - Kill poison frogs in Escher mine until 85 HP.

85 HP - Kill ghosts in Antwerp until 135 HP. (They hit low so skip the dwarves and lizard warriors, who hit high)

135 HP - Kill assassins in Midgard until 175 HP. (I recommend killing them with arrows though as they hit high if you don't have good equipment)

175 HP - Kill yetis in Coldwood until 210 HP. (Again I recommend arrows for them unless you are quite the brave warrior!)

I have not got beyond this yet so still a ways to go to experiment. I will edit this as I advance though.