terraworld for your mobile

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wouldnt life b better if u cud play terraworld on your phone
u cud play terraworld wer eva u go Laughing out loud Laughing out loud Laughing out loud Laughing out loud

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Well, thinking how much money it would cost to do that would be astranomical. all you need to do is get a laptop with a wireless internet connecter =)


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That would be Awesome!

Im afraid its impossible though Sad

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i dont get it whare would the tab go

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the buttons would be simple to lay out, but the cost would be so high and i dont think there is a way of linking the game on the phone to the internat game. But if you get a palm top phone, with internet access, its possible coz you would be able to run it. and play from your phone but remember , the phone bill !!!!!

Firefoxs ~~~~

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a lot of terra is played with the mouse... i.e. clicking on/using spells, cooking, alchemy, carpentry, buying stuff, etc etc.

so, it won't be possible unless you can get a mouse for your phone

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Just buy a laptop. Still mobile, but can use a mouse. =P(or the touch pad)

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I have a laptop at the moment and its pretty slow so dont get one Smile anyways i dont think Tom has that money so for now just play at home on your lovely computer.

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most palm top phones are touch screen so that will eleiminate the click thing