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Hello players, fans and parts of the furniture,

TerraWorld is once again branching out into the social media circle to help grow the player base and get some old and new players back to the game.

For this to work effectively we need help from everyone to give Terra the best chance at getting out the again and being found by the people that want to play.

Currently we have a Twitter account and a Facebook page and what we are asking is for you to follow and like them and then promote the pages to allow it to branch out and reach as many people as possible.

The facebook page can be found here:

TerraWorld FB Page

and for the twitter:


The twitter is a new creation and in order to help build up the followers we are offering a reward to be given to a random player once we have reached 100 followers.
In order to be in for a chance to win tweet with the hashtag #TWOReborn with your main accounts name.

These have both been made by players that are actively keeping Terra alive and using their own time to maintain and keep them running.
So we the Terra team thank SpiderX and xxThorxx for helping the game.

Many thanks all

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Please make sure we are

Please make sure we are utilizing these social media sites in a positive way and not using them to bash other people in any way shape or form. This includes in game or on the sites or forums. Thanks! Also if you have any issues with above, stop in and see your friendly neighborhood admin today!

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