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Hey terra! My name is Jonathan Islas, I am 21 years old and looking forward on joining the admin team. My email is feel free to contact me. I am currently doing graphic designing and id love to map for Terra! I of course am friendly. I try to help others even if there is or isn't an admin online. I had help plenty of players with issues they had face even if it had cost my sleep. I have a char named "LegionFromHell" leader of the guild "LegionsOfDoom". My char Legionfromhell has been with Terra for 8 going to 9 years! I also have a second char named "LeQionfromhell" instead of a "g" its a "Q". I use LeQionFromhell for new players. When a new player is lost or having trouble in noob island, I log on to LeQionfromhell and try my best to help them. I have plenty of respect from players on Terra, I love them and they love me.

I am proud to say I am attached to Terraworld Online. There is not a day or even night that you will NOT see me online. I am always online for a long period of time, you cannot miss me in the "online players" log. Ive been waiting for the right moment to post this application. I have waited until I knew I was ready to join the admin team. My fellow Terra friends, I am ready to serve for you.

With me I am bringing plenty of help to others, entertainment, also exciting events and maps when trusted. I know for sure I will gain Terra's trust on my road to admin not only because I am a very respectful guy but because I know in my heart that I would never betray or break any rules of terra! I just cant find that in my heart. When online, I greet everyone whos online. I enjoy making everyone feel important. I cant see myself losing my temper at all. I am never bothered, I am just not the type.

I remember ive seen a new player online I had a small conversation with him greeting him and showing him around noob island and let me tell you, I had never seen a new player so excited and eager to continue exploring. Seeing terraworld happy makes me happy. Playing terraworld for almost a decade helped me gain great knowledge of terraworld.

I hope to be part of the admin team, Terra you wont regret it! Have a lovely holiday weekend!