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Hello, My name is FallWorth. This will be the first "episode" that I post.
It will include me AKA FallWorth, and Dakness. (Dak dont get mad i had to add some people) and Rollanx...and PirateJake, and our special guest star...
That noob that everyone hates...So enjoy the show...

" A Talk Show " is filmed in front of a live studio audiense...

We start on a stage in a little Canadian audiense in some little unknown town in a talk show studio where three people are sitting and having a discussion on Terra World " unused land " lets get a closer look...shall we?.

FallWorth : Well, you see Pirate Jake, Do you mind if I call you Jake?
PirateJake : not at all...
FallWorth : Well you see this discussion is getting a little...how would you
say it? Off-Topic, See I think that the biggest waist of land is " Antalope Drainland, Because it takes up like half the map.
Rollanx : I do Agree, Fall Worth, but your missing the fact, that the
Admins, expecially FVANtom, he is trying very hard, you know its not that easy to work on land...
PirateJake : Well, yeah but you know that they started twin mountain island, so I think they are starting...
FallWorth : Well to end this, I think they should expand the " noob island "
Because, well I think they should not let you off till 81 so when they get off they are strong and they can start a guild, or at least join...
Rollandx : No, No, no I disagree I think that would back everything up and it is totally pointless. Then they would have to start new minsters it would just get to out of hand.

The Three agreed. But then they heard someone from the audience scream... " Hi FallWorth I am your BIGGEST fan! " The three stopped talking to see someone that looked like that noob that asked the question like (how do you IM people, but asking that IN an IM...)

FallWorth : Well come up here...Whats your name lad?

The man stumbled up clumbsily, " Fre- " but before he could finish he tripped over his shoelace and landed face first in the middle of the stage.
Everyone laughed including Fre- Lets see what his name is, shall we?
" Fred " He finally said standing to his feet.

Fred : Hello.
Rollandx : hi.
PirateJake : Hello.
FallWorth : Welcome.
Fred : So I would like to add to this descussion, I think that they should add new monsters, anyone else agree.
Rollandx : but We just added And when I say we I mean The Admins.
Well, We just added umm, Yes, Dragon hatchling...

* * * * *

Well thats it for right now, Tune in soon for another " episode " of " A Talk Show... If you wanna be in it tell me about your self...

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was this supposed to be a comedy? make it longer. and have some different discussions

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ciiciu wrote:
was this supposed to be a comedy? make it longer. and have some different discussions

Yeah, Well I agree, and no, but I may, or may not turn it into a comedy...i have not decided...

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Hello, Me again. Todays show we see the contriversy on the following,
Racism in Terra, Should There be new monsters on noob? and sexual harrassment...
And our special guest today is FVANtom, in the flesh...

Topdays episode is called (the heckaler)

" A Talk Show " is filmed infront of a live studio audience.

We are in a little different senery, today FVANtom, FallWorth, Dakness, Rollanx, and PirateJake are sitting in a local food shop located in the small town in guild city 1.

FVANtom : Yes but the skin color cannot be changed...
Rollandx : Yes but what if I want people to know im black, african, mexican, etc.
PirateJake : But with the armor anyways you sometimes cant even see your color!...
FallWorth : None the less I agree that " Color " should be an option.

Just then someone from the audience screams... " You $uck "
FallWorth looked around but could not see the person who had screamed the foul language so he ignored it.

FallWorth : Well back to the show...Racism is over rated what you are not getting is that-

" 99 Bottles of beer on the wall 99 bottles of beer... " The same person screamed. This time FallWorth saw the man, He was tall and thin and had a mustashe.
But FallWorth sat back down on the lime colored chair and sighed.

FallWorth : So I see we have a heckaler in the house...
Rollandx : ignore them.
PirateJake : Yes, I agree but back to the main subject.
Just because Terra has people that think Terra is rasist, but that is not true, and who said that in " the world of terra " that the color is all the same I fell that people are just jumping the gun and just asuming way too fast. and also I feal that people are just forming rasim when there was none there...
FVANtom : Yes Rollandx you are correct, but the reason...The real reason
is that the color in the hame is TAN not white not black just a color i wish people would just stop jumping the gun and start fights and instigating the problem...

" BOO " Screamed the man.
FVANtom's eyes turned red and screamed. He sent the man to global jail and finally they could go on with there show.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

FallWorth : all right now sexual harassment, I personally have witnessed this in the game and I think that it should stop, to be less vauge, people where accuasing a GIRL character that in real life and that she is a boy and is only a girl and calling her G*y, and people have even called me you know. and I think it is wrong and should definatlly not be tollerated anymore, Terra is a virtual reallity and should be a place to excape real life thing and get a chanse to kill some mutant slimes and go to a moltan land not be made fun of.
Rollandx : Well, said and yes I agree.
FVANtom : very well said I agree 100%.
PirateJake : Lunch Brake!

* * * * *

We all put the speakers away the cameras where turned off.
" What up herbavore. " Rollandx teased to FallWorth.
" O shush up how do you eat that...that...protein? "
" Its called chewing and you need meat to live. " PirateJake pointed out taking out a steak sandwhich.
" Yes... I see... " said FVANtom strangely to himself.
" lets play a game to pass the time... ok the wryming game, you all know the rules...? " said FallWorth...
They all replyed with " grumble sureeeee grumble "
" ok i'll start...droop. " FallWorth said.
" loop " Replyed FVANtom quickly.
" poop " Said Rollanx smiling... " WOW someone is immatuer. " FVANtom replyed laughing out loud. in fact he laughed so much he fell out of his chair and laughed and laphed and laughed. His eyes filled with tears.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Rollandx : Ok new monsters on noob island...say yes or no and explain why you gave the answer you gave.
FVANtom : no, I think that there are enouph monsters. A. it would be a waste of time. B. it would cause more lag. and C. it takles too much time and D. we have enough.
FallWorth : dito...
PirateJake : Yes, Noobs need a long variety and it would be cool to see some new monsters.

FallWorth : Well thats all the time we have for tonight foaks bye...and good night all...