The Rules

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Due to the confusion in what admins will and won’t do to help a player, some of us got together to revise the rules, most of which are unwritten.

1. If a player is pushed into PVP while AFK and killed, and the player that was pushed can prove that they were, in fact, pushed, any perma received from being pushed will be removed from the player and given to the player that pushed them.Any money lost from being pushed will be taken from the player that committed the pushing and returned to the player in the form it was originally taken. (Bounty will be returned as a bounty, money will be returned to the player or bank.)

2. If a player that was unbanned is found committing another bannable or lockable offense, they will lose all characters and be banned from the game without reprise.

3. Players are responsible for their own items. If you choose to loan an item to someone, the admins will not return the item unless the trade system was used. In other words, if you lend someone an item by dropping it, and they never give it back, you’re entirely out of luck.

4. No one can make you drop your own items. If you drop an item on the ground, it is fair game to anyone that may come along and grab it. Considering there is no reason to drop a cabinet, if you feel you need to, you should avoid doing this in an area that can be accessed by anyone. Go to your private housing and drop it there.

5. When making a guild, You CAN NOT make a guild with a name extremely similar to another guild. Should you do this, you will be asked to disban the guild and make a new one. If you refuse, you will be jailed/locked depending on the extent and the guild will be disbanned with force.

Revised - 7/30/2011

6. One Hitting is a lock and has always been a lock. If you are caught one hitting, chances are likely you will be locked for the offense. Any HP suspected to have been gained from one hitting will be removed.

7. Jumping screens to cause mobs to respawn is against the rules. Doing so will result in a lock or jail depending on the amount of times you've been caught. HP or items may be removed.

Revised 8/21/2001

8. Houses anywhere in the game outside of private housing can be sold to anyone. Should someone wish to purchase a house and turn it into a guild hall, they are allowed to do so. However, once a house is made into a guild hall, or a guild hall exists in any form, it will remain a guild hall forever. A guild hall can not be sold to another guild. Once it is the property of a certain guild, no matter the status of the guild, the hall will exist as it is forevermore.

NOTE: These rules can and will change as the administrators see fit. They will not be moved or edited without player notification, and any player claiming to not know these rules will have absolutely no sympathy. Players will be notified of the rules and any changes to the best of the administrator’s ability, and any lack of reading the rules after a notification of a change will be at the fault of the player. ‘I didn’t know’ will not be a valid excuse, and any questions about the rules, or lack thereof, should be directed to a Support administrator or other if a Support admin is unavailable. Just because a rule is not listed does not mean it is not in effect. The Administrators reserve the right to handle any and all situations as they come.