November Event Calendar

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Hey Guys!

So you've all asked for it and now we plan to deliver! Apologies for starting 12 days into the month but it just means less strict guidelines for prizes! Yay! Please find the Interim calender below!

TIMES ARE GMT+10, Alternative times may arise when we have enough interest.


Event Types:
CTF Ladder - 4 Week Duration
DM Ladder - 4 Week Duration
Infection Ladder - 4 Week Duration
Sword/Arrow Tournament

Treasure Hunts - On Demand Event
Hide and Seek - On Demand Event
Trivia - On Demand Events

For the ladder events, a win = 3 points a loss = 1 point to claim a major prize you need to have atleast 5 points. This means you can miss one event as long as you have one win or two events if you manage 2 wins.
Tournaments will be single/double elimination or round robin dependent on who is running.

Due to the frequency of the events, prize support will be based solely on number of attendee's, the more people that participate the more lavish the prizes!

Major Events:
15+ = Gold Tier Donation item
10+ = Bronze/Silver Donation Item
<9 = Gold at a rate of 2.5k per participant.

*Minimum 4 participants for major events.

Minor Events:
15+ = 50k Gold
10 - 14 = 25k Gold
<9 = Up to a maximum of 10k gold. 1k per participant.

*Minium 3 participants for minor events.

*We reserve the right to change event prizes at any time.

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Good stuff! Just to let

Good stuff!

Just to let players know there's a few things in the workd from the admin team and you will all know more soon!

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nice !

i will be part of this event, sounds exciting. Great events!

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All nice and fun but, it

All nice and fun but, it sadly doesn't hit all timezones. Having a 40 hour job doesn't allow me to get online all the times, by the time the events are active, I'm either at work, or sleeping, and the weekends only have double drop weekends, which is nice.. But I rather attend to some events aswell. Keep the different timezones in mind for the next month please Smile


~ HazMatMight

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We are working on getting

We are working on getting some more coverage on different time zones but at the current time we aren't able to facilitate this. We are going to be doing some more stuff around the weekends which will be more generous on the timezones so stay tuned.