New Player Support! (All Players Read)

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We have raised 1.2 million gold through auctions that will be given out to new players to help them progress through the game.
The support is not limited to absolutely new players it also counts for returning players, unfortunate players, and players who recently made it to main.
To register for the support you must send in a support ticket and wait for a review from an admin. Depending on how backed up we are the gold may take two to three days to be placed on your account.
To qualify you must be an active player (played longer than 5 days), can not have a existing character with over 2k score, can not have a character with over 150k gold, Items can not value over 300k, and you can not be part of staff (officer or admin). The requirements are subject to change at any time.

When sending your support ticket please include the following: List of characters (please be aware we can find all your characters so please be honest), what you are needing the gold for, and how long you have been playing (also can be found).

Please be sure to vote and donate for Terraworld to help us build the game from its current state!!