A new Beginning

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I'm going to leave this Kusko & PVS thing now as it clear that im just wasting my time by saying im not either of them (which is true).
So starting now im wiping my slate clean a turning over a new leaf, from now on terra i will be like a completely different person.

N.W.A 4 Life

100% Truthful no lies,no bull****

Any noobs who need help just ask i will try to help in any way...

Recruiting for N.W.A any strong noobs think they are strong enough Write here or IM me in game (must be on noob)

Thank you
Laughing out loud Laughing out loud Laughing out loud

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marc shut up lying ur a brown noser who wrote a rap that left you with no friends and a C**P reputation and you have wrote in black and white that you are *** and i quote "paul im gonna slay your ass" and also "stu your ass is mine" so dont go thinking ur a gangster when really ur some fat tramp with no life.



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People deserve a new begining,but you you dont deserve it.Your what the most hated person on terra.If you thought about stuff before you did it you would have a better reputation on terra.

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Nah I'll give it to him, and put Kusko on the spammers. TheOutlaw this is your chance...

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hahaha... wad did he do wrong.. most hatred person on terra -_-'

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Depending on your sincerity, you may or may not get a fresh slate. It is in the eyes of the beholder to chose their perception of you.

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who the hell is theoutlaw? how can he be the most hated person on terra if ive never heard of him? is he banned?
sry but im confused =D

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i dont hate him. i think he deserves a new chance. everyone does

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If this players true nature is a lie, we will surely know soon. On a side note, gj Jack on 300 post.

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LordK Theoutlaw is or was the Forums worst person, yet for some reason he was never banned...now lets "watch on" to see how he does now lol