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Born from unknown blood, a boy from the unknown floated upon the banks of Tarra. There he was take'n in by the local Hermit and tought the ways of the land. Within time he had master'd fishing, bringing in 100+ squid a trip. He was getting quite a reputation for himself and therefor was known as Corasant "The Master Baiter"...Please'd with his title, noentheless he countinue'd fishig and making a well-furnished life for himself. But as time passed, he bored of fishing, and began to wonder of what other adventure's lie in the world. So one day, he promised the old man hermit, who had raised him from a boy, that he would seek out the treasures of the land, and return home, only when he had become the Saint, that would bring peace to all the land..

With that he set off, and wasn't before long untill he ran into a small town. From there he bought himself and axe and mineing hammer. If he wanted to become a saint, he would have to experience himself in all the arts of the world. Mastering what he could, he soon grew tired of this.

Upon one day he ran into a food merchant who offered him a proposition. The merchant would give him gold if he could supply him with food..It would be hunting..a new skill he would need to know if he ever wanted to become a saint...He enjoyed this job, and with it, became very skileld and strong....

<15 years later>

He slayed the Evil Taint that plagued the land, and put down his almighty sword. He lowered his blessed wings he had been given from the almighty. With that, he turned towards the ocean, and in a wink of the eye..flew

Got bored, wanted to write you all a story..heh


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Laughing out loud

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Boobie was droped from a spaceship on to a land of monsters trees and BOOBS. on his time on noob island Boobie learned many way of the sword and how to be annoying.

Boobie got real good and fighting with swords and started to kill people in arenas and pvp.

3 weeks later bobby runs around main with a bow and arrow killing people left and right

~Bobby~ my sweet missspeled crap of a story

i was bored

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I like mine offense.. Wink


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a question
are u gonna be writing wot happened between the 15 years and of the story of how he got there and how he cam apon the almighty to get his blessed wings?? Tongue