Might I suggest a fun little mobile game I found

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Hey all,

Since Terra is pronounced dead and there is nobody that administrates it anymore, I figured i would post a mobile game i recommend that I recently found.

It's called Rucoy Online. Has nice 2D graphics much like Terra, has all your basic experience, hp, mp, leveling up, equipment type stuff. I know they have it on Google Play store not sure about Apple's App Store and Windows store but I'm sure its on there too.

I highly recommend if you want a simple 2D game. Give it a shot. My account is Bharris on there

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Traitor. Shock

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decided to give it a shot. I

decided to give it a shot. I just kept my name boarder on there to make it easier if anyone from here plays hah! just got up to lvl 60 or so for now, pretty simple game so far but I wish there were more skills other than pure combat, would break things up a little hah. thanks for the suggestion, I've just been playing on NA3/4 mostly.