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I feel that officers and terra players are bullying me for no reason and as every1 of my friends that play this game have left, i have decided to do the same. Since playing this game i hav been racially abused, abused, sexually harassed, stalked and accused of scamming so mnay times ive lost count. Also as spine is now an officer i know that he will do anything to get me banned so I QUIT

As some of u kno i did a poll to decide who get s my char and i have decided that .... will get my character.

I will not tell you who has my character as he feels certain people will be against him AGAIN all im gonna say is that this person is a friend of mine that started playing terra around the same time as me & also he has not been playing for a long time....

The last legend standing=DOINK

N.W.A 4 life

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Hmm.. yet another person quit.. Sad

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Legend my ass. Good to see you leave.

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not very nice marler

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But sad to see ya go.

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Wow are very sad, the reason why you get treated like crap is because you treat everyone else like crap. Mabye if you learned to be nice and not have a negative attitude around eveyone you would have more friends. And, i can vouch for most of the terra officers because i know that they would never treat a player mean unless the other player was treating him/her like crap. As for you leaving...good bye. I personally never had a problem with you, the only time i started to hate you is when you would mess with my friends. I know they can hold their own ground but if you mess with my friends then you mess with me, thats how ive been, and thats how i will always be. Any way....Good Bye

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shutup... ass

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If all your friends are no longer here then why make a big post saying your leaving? You don't seem under the impression that anybody cares all that much and therefore you are just an attention seeker.

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i hate you cause alot of other people hate u (im a follower) and bye