Long time, no see

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hey everyone. its xeii. lol i havent been on in forever. i wish i could have more time to get on...but sadly ive been much too busy to hardly get on the computer. oh well...im sure ill find some time sooner or later to check in one everything. so how is everyone? hope you all are great? is there anything new in terra world? ok well, once again, im busy, so i cant stay on long. hopefully, ill come visit you all soon.

bye everyone!


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Hey Xeii,

Glad to see that you are still around =)

Terra is the same, Class Island still being the latest release.

Come visit soon =D

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hi Xeii.....=P

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sup xeii
im doing good, go tell ur boss to giv u a day off so u can come to terra =P
hope ur doing good XD
cya when ur on

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hey xeii

you should really come on more...

cya on sometime =)

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Smile Hello Xeii