Just gonna formally announce....

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That I wont be terra much anymore for a bit(although im not really on much now) Summer is here, and I have more spare time, so ive decided im not gonna sit in front of my computer all summer. I may log on every few days or so, to see friends, and maybe a little playing, but that is about it. Ill still post on the fourms everyonce in awhile. Ill be back on more often in a month or two. Good-bye Terra, see you later. (and for those who are glad ill be gone, i know there are a few, go ahead and say it, cause it only proves how much of an ass you are)

~ghostka's reincarnation, loggin off~

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Have a nice summer Laughing out loud See you in the near future! Just remember to return the the land of Terra! Smile xD

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Have a good time off dude = )

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you mean people do other things beside sit in front of the computer?
jk, cya man