January Admin Update

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The Team would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and welcome to 2017! Here's the monthly update on whats occuring, with the event calendar to be posted soon!

Christmas Season: Christmas has ended and so too has the ability to access Christmas town. We know there are some mapping and quest issues here that will be resolved prior to the next opening of Christmas town, and a gentle reminder to us to revisit holiday quests as well.

Event Calendar: We've been tweaking the new event calendar that lets everyone know when we will run events. It's a great initiative that will allow players to also log on a specific time for bigger crowds! We are also working through this month as a trial to fine tune durations, frequencies and prize support with some additional hiring’s to allow us to run events in the time zones needed.

Player Acquisition: We need your help! Please drop into the suggestions forum and tell us what keeps you playing, what drives you away and also how we can look at getting new players.

Quest Audits: Just a brief update on this, with over 300 quests to audit we have made some headway and have fixed numerous quests that had issues and with the help of you the community have fixed others on the spot that have caused issues.

Item Re-distribution: We have slowed down the re-distribution plans with the current changes to noob island being evaluated before we start rolling into the first towns on the mainland. As asked this will mainly affect newer players to the game with the effect of not having such strong items early in the game a prime example being plate armor in escher.

The Economy: The Lunar fox has stepped up to help us as we work to rebalance the economy, and aide with the Item Shop being down. He has a great many wares available for purchase in his hide out. You’ll also notice some changes to item costs during the re-distribution phase.

Staff Movements: We’ve had a few staff depart us this month, including Josh as admin who has a busy schedule and is unable to assist at this time. Duckkz is also taking a break over the holiday period. We’ve had Belemoth join the team as an admin who will also be working on a few new projects coming up that we hope to tease soon. Hazmatmight has been removed as head officer due to inactivity and we’ve had Ecap come back as officer.

Due to these movements, it means we are on the search for 2 officers and a couple admins to assist with the above mentioned, so if you are active and would like to contribute drop an application in the recruitment forums.

As always, we appreciate your support and look forward to working with you and making Terraworld Great again.

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Happy New Years to everyone!

Happy New Years to everyone! I hope 2017 sees sort of a "revival" of Terra World if you will. Already have seen record highs of player activity in just the first day of the year so far. Seen 6 on at one time and that is high for what has been average since I started playing again last month. I believe this old game still does have some life left in it.