Item Loaning

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This is so that there is a constant warning, at least on the forums, about item loaning and the potential problems it can cause.

Admins will NOT return your items if they are lost due to them being loaned to another player. Your items are your responsibility. We(the Admins) are NOT responsible for anything that happens to them if you choose to ignore our warnings and loan items out.

This is not to say we don't care and this doesn't mean we won't return your items for other reasons(for example, if there is proof that you were "hacked").

Any further threads of lost items due to being loaned, whether the player "steals"(how do you steal what was willingly given?) the item or is locked or banned will be closed. We try and try time and again to make sure to keep warnings about this sort of thing floating around, whether it be posts on the front page, broadcasts in-game or in threads on the forums. It sucks to lose your items but you chose to take that risk with your items.

I hate that it does happen and I hate that it happens to players that, for one reason or another, are not aware that the Admins dislike such behavior but if you don't want to lose your items then keep them to yourself. I don't care if the person you're loaning the item to has been your "best bud forever". Anything could happen.