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Well hi everyone! i last played i believe properly around 8 years ago and how i loved terra back in the day! i would dream of being a mapper one day and i always would used a dodgey version of fso to practice on hahaha! it's a shame to see terra in its current state but unfortunately i believe anyways that consoles and cod have taken over which is a huge shame Tongue I mean i have no idea what it would take too save terra and i mean i would love to be involved in trying but the only thing i can possibly think off is terra would make hell of a mobile phone game? playing terra portable would actually be amazing? im not sure how you would do that or the money it would cost to do so but would be so good if we could get terra running again! this was my perm noob acc xD what does every one else think? must be a way to bring back the good old days Laughing out loud

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hoping for the same here, lol

hoping for the same here, lol

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COD will be dead once people

COD will be dead once people start to get tired of WWII, theres literally nothing else they can do, how many WWII games have they made now like 5? Plus console gaming is dying as a whole, too many microtransactions, loot crates, and DLC nowadays, even on beloved franchises like Zelda and Mario.

I don't play consoles anymore for that reason. After the PS2/N64 days I'm done. I'd rather just download an emulator and play old classics than be out over 1000 dollars just to buy the "hot new" console and an expensive game just to find out I need to spend even more money to even play that expensive game. Gaming today is nothing more than a cash grab from these greedy companies. A nice example of that greed is how Nintendo has been marketing SanDisk SD's for the Switch and charging double for said SD cards, if that isn't greed I don't know what is.

With all that said, I would rather play Terra any day than a Switch, a PS 500, or an XBox One Million