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I sometimes check back on this game to see how it's doing. It's a shame really but I suppose you can't really improve a game without an active player base. I used to play this game when I was much younger, apparently I've had my account for over 9 years. It got me interested in computers and computer science really, and for that I am thankful. This game/the people bring back so many memories.

This post was mainly to say hi and to get a gauge on how many people actually play this game. Are there even any active staff/admins or developers? Where did Tom even go? The item shop has been down. I doubt the servers cost that much to host if there was a larger project that was paying for it, but even so I have no idea why this game server or website is still active.

I may check this post but it's unlikely since macOS is my native OS now, it's a shame to see it die completely. I suppose it'd actually be hard to actually develop the game since it uses the FSO engine. It'd most likely need to be refactored. I'd be willing to help out the project if the devs need a hand.

As a QOL update, I do suggest making some sort of instant respawn items/teleports. I spent 5 minutes trying to get out of my house...

TLDR; please post below if you play at a cumulative of 1h/week.