Happy Birthday Tom and Happy 7 year Anniversary Terra!

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Happy Birthday Tom! =] I hope you have a fabulous day! May all your wishes come true. You have worked so hard to make this game amazing for all of us and you deserve the best. May your cake be the tastiest ever!

Also, I'd like to say that this is Terra World's 7 year Anniversary and it's been a great 4 years I've spent here. You've done such a great job Tom and no one else could have made such an amazing game. May there be many more spectacular years to come.

Happy Birthday!

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Happy Birthday!

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Congratz on everything, Tom!!

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Hear Hear!

Thanks for everything!

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Happy Birthday!

(make that and pretend it's from me Tongue)


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Happy birthday Terra World.

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A lot of the credit should go to the staff members and admins though Smile Terraworld wouldn't be here without them.

Thanks a lot for the cake and felicitations everyone!

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i disagree with the new noob name

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Happy Birthday! Laughing out loud

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Happy Birthday Tom! Laughing out loud

Also, to all the Terra players, new and old, thank you for continuing to support the game! As thanks for your support, be on the lookout for special events, quests, and more from the admin team in the coming weeks! Laughing out loud

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Happy Birthday Tom, hope you have an excellent day.