Guild Wars - The story (updated 6-07)

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Guild Wars
A Terraworld Story by

“Bring me his head!” Dragon Avatar was shouting.
“I want the head of the archer who killed Ghostka.
“It will be done.” A cold voice filled the chamber with its assuredness. This caused a silence to fill the chamber. Even Dragon Avatar took notice.
He got a hold of himself and continued.
“Make sure it is. I want this lumberjack killed!”
The owner of the cold voice had already left.

Dragon Avatar threw his crystal goblet against the wall sending shards of glass flying through the room. Immediately a servant handed him a second glass filled with imported Larcenia Chardonnay and other servants began to clean up the mess.

“Oh Firebrand, how is it you cause so much trouble in the lives of so many men?” He sat down at the table and began to eat.

“I hate this city”. I said to no one in particular.
“It’s cold, it’s oppressive and no one is here!”
“Pastor,” Fiero shouted towards me. “Pastor, come here. You’ve got to see this!”
Fiero had been traveling with me ever since I left Antwerp. He had been a TerraWorld officer but decided to take some time off to go with me to Guild City.
I think he was still hoping to see Firebrand.
Firebrand! Red! Ah how I missed her. She had found me working a dead end job in Escher with no future and had turned me into a Master Archer. Long beautiful red hair surrounded her soft face. Her green eyes were like emeralds set in finely crafted jewelry. They could make a man laugh and they could make a man cry.
“PASTOR!” Fiero shouted louder this time.
“Hey, you alright?” He asked.
“Yeah, no problems. I was just thinking about Red again.”
“Well, come here and look at this.” He said.
I walked towards the odd contraption he was pointing to. It looked like a large window but it had writing inside of it. On a panel in front of the dark “window” were some buttons.
“This is a Guild Center.” He explained. “It is how the various guilds keep track of each other. I’ve only seen one other, but this one is different. It seems as if this entire town is designed around this one thing.”
“So, how does it work?” I asked him.
“Simple. You use this button here and it lists the various guilds in their rankings. You can see who is the leader of each guild and its members.”
I recognized the name at the top. It was Warlords, Dragon Avatar’s guild.
“That’s the guy who tried to kill Red and I. Who is he?” I asked Fiero.
“Dragon Avatar used to be Drakius, one of the Overlords men.” Fiero said. “Then, as the story goes, Drakius and the Overlord got into it over a girl and the Overlord send Drakius packing. Now Dragon Avatar is leader of the most powerful guild in Terra and seems almost powerful enough to take on the Overlord himself.”
“Where does this guy live?”
“Dragon Avatar? Oh, he’s got places all over Terra, but his stronghold is in Guild City #2. That’s just a days walk that way.” Fiero pointed Northeast.
“What about the Overlord? Where is his stronghold?”
“Fvantom’s stronghold is hidden in the clouds and no one really knows how to find it.”

“Well, I still hate this town”, I told Fiero.

We walked around a bit and decided to step into a local pub. finest ale in Terra the sign said. This place looked a bit different than most of the pubs I had seen on the main island. For one, it was almost empty. Hardly anyone seemed to be around, and those few who were here were decked out for war. No one was wearing casual attire. Everyone had the finest armor and the finest weapons available. It looked as if everyone was ready to fight at a moments notice.
I asked Fiero about this.
“Well, most of these guys belong to guilds. They could be called at a moments notice to defend their guild so they stay at the ready. I wouldn’t cross one of them if I were you. They swing first and ask questions later!”
I mumbled into my ale, “I hate this town!”

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i like this story its very impressive BRAVO


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I read the last story, and it was great. I'm sure this one will be even better. I look forward to seeing how your latest adventure plays out. Laughing out loud

Part robot, part monkey, all fan of good writing...

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aye, good job again pastor, your stories are the only ones i read. Can't wait for more

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Lol nice story past as usual ^^ I love sounding like an evil king muahaha *smites random noob*

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Another GREAT piece of literature Laughing out loud Cant wait to read more!!

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yay the next story is starting i cant w8 to read the entire thing Smile did the old story ever get put on the website?

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I was wondering when you were going to start up with this story, the last one was excellent and I couldn't wait for more when it finished. Now it has finally arrived!

Thank you and I hope you update soon!

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Ahh, my fans! ... Gotta give the fans what they want! Laughing out loud

Seriously, my last story "A Fire Within... A love story or How to get to Guild City" was a huge success and you guys really seemed to enjoy it. Hell, I'm my worst critic and even I enjoyed it...Laughing out loud So I really want to do another. I got this start out so that you guys would know that I'm doing another (and to make me write more) and I really hope you enjoy it as much as the last one. It will be a little different and should be seen as a completely different story even though it takes place right after the last one.

To answer your questions... Yes, I submitted it to Tom and he seemed to enjoy it. I re-wrote it and everything but it still hasn't made it onto the story page. I suppose I could add it myself but then, that wouldn't be nearly as satisfying! Wink I like to think that Tom is busy and hasn't gotten around to it. Laughing out loud

Anyway, thanks for all the encouragement! Laughing out loud

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Nice story Laughing out loud

Where did you find the time Pastor to write it? With all the people always Iming you and everything Wink

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Pastor never sleeps. Tongue

It's about time you got this story out, Pastor... ever since you said I'd be in it, I've been waiting with great expectation. Tongue

Looks like it was worth the wait, though.

Keep up the good work. Laughing out loud