Guild Rules

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Aside from the obvious 100hp needed to create a guild, a few new rules have been instated to prevent players from feeling as though admins have 'stolen' from them.

1. Any guild name needs to be cleared with an admin before the creation of the guild will be allowed. If you purchase a guild orb prior to having the guild name approved, you take the loss. You will not be refunded for the orb.

2. Should your guild name be rejected, you have unlimited opportunities to create a new guild. However, if every name you ask about is inappropriate, or similar to a currently existing guild, you will be barred after 4 attempts. If you are barred, you will be added to a list for 3 months or longer depending on the names you ask about.

The guild score list has the name of every guild in game. If your guild name is a representation of any guild on the list, it will be denied. If your name is inappropriate, it will be denied. Take into consideration the names of existing guilds before even bothering to ask.