General Rules on Behavior - READ BEFORE PLAYING

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Things have changed and no one is sure about what is mutable anymore. There are some general rules about forum and in-game behavior:

General Rules:

1. Do not engage in any sort of hateful behavior/language towards any other player, staff included (they're players too!).

2. Sexual harassment will not be tolerated at all. It is lockable.

3. Racism will not be tolerated at all. It is lockable.

4. Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated at all. Whatever words have been taken off the filter are still mutable if you use them in a negative way towards another player.

5. Spamming is not allowed.

6. Avoiding the filter is still a mute

7. The moderator may use discretion on anything that is said.


The rules on shouting are thus:

1. Two or more words with three or more letters per word in all caps will be picked up by the filter. This includes anything with dots in it (abbreviations). (Ex: MOO MOO)

2. Avoiding filter is still a mute. Smile (Restated for retention)

Curse Words:

I will try this in as PG a way as possible. Any form of these words are mutable:

1. F word
2. Any racist slang.
3. Any sexual slang. This includes references to anatomy as well as sexual preferences.

Again, any word used in a negative way against another player is mutable/lockable. Moderators have discretion to moderate forum and in-game content.

If you behave in a civil way, you shouldn't have a problem. We all have slip-ups and with the relaxed atmosphere there shouldn't be any severe consequences. Those are reserved for repeat offenders. IF you feel you have been treated unfairly by another player or staff member please do not hesitate to talk to another staff member about the problem in IM. Please provide pictures and text to back up your claims. You can make tickets to Support as well and they will try to resolve your problem as soon as possible.

To take a picture of your screen:

Computers differ, but basically you need to hit the "print screen" button, often abbreviated "prt sc" or "prnt scrn" etc. You might have to simultaneously press another button as well (in my case i have to press fn + prt sc). Open a picture editor program (MS paint, photoshop,, gimp etc) and paste. Save it somewhere you'll remember to find it. You can send images through email or social network chatting (msn, yahoo, etc).

To log the in-game chat:

In the chat box type /logchat and it automatically saves the chat into your preferences folder in the game folder. You can share this through msn/etc or email.

To make an official ticket to Terra Support Staff:

On the Terra website: Log in, go to "Account" and there should be a section titled "Tickets". Click "Create New Ticket". You can submit your queries and complaints through here. If you want to include an image you have to click "insert image" at the bottom of the Body box. A window will open. Make sure your name is underlined in the navigation thread. Click upload. Browse for your file and upload. To insert it in your ticket, click on the picture (lower right hand corner). When you've finished your ticket click submit. That's it!

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excellent list ^.^ Definitely

excellent list ^.^ Definitely a good and up to date summary of the rules.
Thankyou for making it <3