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This topic is about Fun. Id like players to post their favorit thing to do or that they have done on Terra. This is so Me and the rest of the players on Terra can find some new fun things to do that they havn't tried yet. Post ALL things that you find fun. It can be something you can do at anytime or something you did once (or can only do once, like a quest).

I personally Like to Turn People into Trees! >: D

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I think something that can only be done once that people like is mastering Slash. Takes a while to level because you have to kill stuff rather than abusing a feature of the game and clicking for a while to master a skill.

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i like running around shouting BOO!!! not really actually but... morphing people is fun =)

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Great Great. Laughing out loud

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Personally, I love killing inept players in ctf. Pompous ones are the most entertaining!

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Maxing Out.
Or Talk to Your Friend on Mic, when playing TWO. Makes it wayyy more fun.
Play Hide and Seek.

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Mell, what program do you use? Vent or TS?

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Vent > Ts. Teamspeak is a resource hog >_<. (THat's using it for Counterstrike)

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STEVE! get yo butt an terra:P
My favorite thing right now is CTF and killin the nooburts in there;). I also like it when some of the vets visit once in a while!! (hint hint, come on) Before my favorite thing was guild wars between RoR and DK. Oooh man, those were the BEST things ever to happen to TWO:D

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CTF is just plain fun! =D
Except when one game takes forever, D'oh!

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My absolute favorite things would be PKing and CTF! Laughing out loud