FallenEccentrix, Under 16, an officer :shock:

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Shock My application has been up on the boards for at least 5 months now,and because I am also a little younger than 16 They wont allow me to be officer I am now on the 6th page... Fallen Eccentrix has just recently become an officer because she is a friend of a friend of a friend of nesssa's ... I would love to help out on this game and Have been a mod before..... but have been turned down here cause the age... so why should fallen become an officer just cause she's a frined and underage and why shouldn't I become one Please reply i'd like to hear your views on this.

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You guys smell that? *sniff* *sniff* eww, it smells like someones jealous. Stop whining, you didnt get it because you got looked over.

age isnt the only thing that matters oh young one, there are 18 year odls i know that act just as bad as. ..well, you entity, Fallen maybe 15, but she acts way more mature youll ever be, stop being so jealous.

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On one hand the rules clearly state that you need to be 16 to become an officer, but on the other hand you don't get hired because you are a friend of someone. And do we know for sure that Fallen is actually under 16?

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i heard from a source that entity is snuffers daughter
AND I READ in broadcast the exact same thing from snuffer.

HMM i think your just jealious! I know fallen from school, she is my best friend. She always follows the rules and she always plays Terra. I mean what do you think we talk about at school. She always helps me in the game(not by breaking rules). I mean she knows the game so well who wouldnt be better for officer. She deserves it and i mean if you were officer right now then you would even be saying these types of things.

Or maybe your just to stuck into the game that everything has become a compitition to you.

Neptune is right by saying fallen is mature for her age- I would know becuase fallen is a year younger for her grade as well and she is more mature then me and i am turning 16 very soon.

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i think the age limit can be lifted this time. fallen is a very good terra player and im sure if i ever met her in real life she would b the same. she is more mature than some of the officers now hence the thread "stat hacking" above and also and some of the officers that have been picked straight off have lasted for like 1 day! i dont belive in the hole admins friends getting the positions beacuse i know a few officers that have been put in that position befor and have had the officer postion taken from them! well this is what i think,


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hay u noob who gives a crap if fallen is a officer she aint acting like a retard unlike you moaning about it just because she is under 16 anyway good on ya fallen Wink

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Lol you people no how to suck up

Really its no big deal even though im shock I didnt no Fallen was younger than that but who cares. ITS JUST A GAME!!

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So what? I was 15 when I became officer, and they didnt fire me!

oh wait, they did Tongue

But that was for "inactifity" Laughing out loud

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awww . lets yet again suck upto officers and belittle entity...lol...you aren't even worth bothering with. Yep shes my daughter. and i'm proud of her... say what yu like she is stating facts.. The riles have been twisted... whats the point in having them????

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Fallen has obviously proved herself worthy of being an officer, by being helpful and kind to people. I doubt she would be whining if she had applied to be an officer and didn't get accepted.

The way to becoming an officer is through hard work and perseverance, not moaning because somebody else became an officer before you. This is probably only hurting your chances of being an officer in the future, because to be an officer you have to act grown up and not throw a tantrum like a toddler because you can't get your own way.

Get over yourself, it's a game at the end of the day.

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you are talking crap. she became officer because she is accoras girlfriend,, who spoke to ceri, who spoke to nessa.... you love the officers you'll go far