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ok so yesterday i ask my guild if they like me in the guild and fallen insalted me so i insalted her back and she jailed me. she cant do that she started it! this was infair so today i bs some thing thats not spam, not filter avoiding and she mutes me! she has a proplem with me and shes using her officer power to be mean. she cant do that.


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i doubt tht fallen would insult you,she is very nice and she is picked for officer so that means that she is nice,caring and helps many people so i doubt she would even think of insulting even her worst enemy and you know that our guild(Dark Templars)has only friendly members so i doubt that she insulted you infact i seem to remember that you were cussing quite a bit in the guild chat but i suppose you were in a bad mood,also i think i know what you are talking about saying that she "insulted" you,that was the time you seemed to be in a bad mood and was cussing alot at shopassistant so i think she just said something and cos you werent in a good mood you made a big deal of it.So just calm down,don't get angry at your guildmates or just don't get angry at anyone(unless they do something really bad e.g. steal/scam)remember-forgive and forget.

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If I remember correctly, YOU were insulting me NON-STOP and I just kept quiet until I couldn't handle it anymore when you said something absolutely disgusting. You got what you deserved.

As for muting... don't even go there.

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