Fallen Angel - A Terra Story

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Disclaimer: This story was actually begun a ways back, I just never continued it. The little bit I'm posting now was all I ever wrote. While the server isn't letting me on though, I figured I'd give it another go. So here's the prologue.

Please note though, that this was begun some time ago, and will continue based on how things on Terra were at that time (i.e., me being leader of Angelics) with some exceptions. Also, any depictions presented here are not meant to directly reflect any of the characters named. I just needed names, so I took them. If some similarities exist, then... it's coincidence. Yeah, that's it. Coincidence.

Thank you for taking the time to read my work.

Prologue - A Midnight Dreary

The taller of the two stood up from the barrel he had been sitting on and stepped out from under the protection of the overhang. Fat droplets of rain bounced off his face as he peered into the gloom. He’d probably regret being completely soaked later on, but for now he needed to stay awake.

“They’re late,” muttered his companion, for the fourth time since the appointed arrival time had come and gone. Not that it mattered to him. All it meant to him was that he could stay huddled under a blanket in the relative dryness under the overhang, rather than moving cargo.

The taller one was about to toss back a sarcastic retort when something caught his eye. A soft light bobbing about in the fog. “Grim, they’re here. Give the docks another once over, make sure nobody’s snooping around.” Grumbling, grimoutrise folded his blanket and crept off into the fog that engulfed the Escher docks. Nobody wanted a repeat of last time.

The boat pulled up to the docks with only the sound of the murky water lapping against its hull. No words were exchanged as the man on the docks and the two crewing the boat secured the boat to the pier. When all of the various lines were tied, the two remained on the boat until grimoutrise returned and gave the all-clear signal. All four smiled and clasped hands. It had been a long time since the last shipment, due to… complications.

Entanglements with the local authorities had put a stop to their operation for a short time, but MechaMonkey had been able to use his position to clear the air of any trouble. Grimoutrise sauntered back to his perch on the barrel, which made him happy because it was out of the rain. MechaMonkey clambered down onto the deck, and he and Welshie stepped into the cabin to discuss business.

What's this? MechaMonkey doing something that sounds illegal? Find out who, what, where, when, why, and even how this officer and leader of the Angelics fell into a world of deceipt and treachery, in future episodes of Fallen Angel!

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Chapter 1 – Pomp and Circumstance

1 Year Earlier…

The Coliseum outside Escher was built for spectators, but its designers had never anticipated a crowd of this magnitude. Everywhere a single person could be squeezed, two or three or more were packed in to witness the event. It had been a long time since the Academy had graduated any students at all, and never before so many at once. One couldn’t deny the need for such measures though. The ranks of the TerraWorld Officer Corps were dwindling, and crime was running rampant throughout all the major cities. The countryside surrounding Reet was plagued by brigands and murderers, and Escher was a veritable nest of smugglers and thieves. Some Officers had been killed, some had retired, and some simply stopped showing up for roll call. Friends, neighbors, and family had no idea what happened to them. Perhaps the stress had gotten to them, perhaps they feared for their lives. In any case, it was another Officer taken from a number that grew smaller every day.

Today though was a day of hope for not only the Corps, but for the people of Terra who relied on them for protection. They had come from all across the world, some ranging from as far as Larcenia, Midgard, and even a few from the towns beyond the perilous trials of Class Island. The Officer Academy was graduating the largest class in its entire history, and all these people had come to cheer for those who would be guarding them against the evil that had invaded their lives. They were shoulder to shoulder to one another, all of them complete strangers but unified by the hope in their faces.

MechaMonkey scanned the crowd, unable to make out anything except a few pairs of wings sticking up out of the crowd, owned by the few able to afford them and willing to undergo the painful transplant process. Mecha, like all other Officer candidates had undergone the same operation, and his golden wings flapped lightly in nervous anticipation. Even he had to admit that they were an impressive sight. A phalanx of figures in gleaming ceramic armor, and the tips of golden wings sticking up above the polished crown placed upon each head. The sun danced off the uniforms and created a makeshift light show across the entire Coliseum, much to the crowd’s delight. They stood at parade rest, awaiting the arrival of their superiors to begin the ceremony.


The entire formation snapped to attention as one as Radon barked the command. He had recently been transferred from the Corps to the Ministry of Mapping, where he learned to use the centuries-old techniques of the fabled Mappers, who were said to have the power to change the very face of the earth. In any case, they were figures of great authority, which was why it was so odd to see Radon as one. To Mecha and all the other trainees, he had always been Random or Radman, laid back and always quick with a funny and endearingly odd comment. Nevertheless, he stood attention as well at the head of the group, having been given the duty of guiding the graduates through the ceremony.

The column began its entrance into the stadium to a chorus of cheers that erupted from the gathered citizens of Terra. At its head were FVANtom and the other Administrators, heads of all the various governmental groups, followed closely by a small contingent of Mappers, resplendent in their matching Poison Armor. Behind them was a column of men and women wearing the same uniform and with the same golden wings as the graduates, but you could tell them apart instantly, and not just from the badge each wore on their chest. They wore their uniforms with an air of experience, of battles fought and respect earned, and their faces all seemed strong and proud, yet tired, as if they had seen more in life than they ever wished to. They looked like soldiers coming home after a tour in the front lines, and in a way that’s what they were. Terra was not a safe place in this day and age, and these Officers faced uncertainty and danger every day when they reported for duty.

The column made it’s way to the large dais set up in the middle of the Coliseum, facing the graduates. The Officers split into two groups, each moving to either side of the trainees, while the Administrators and Mappers climbed the stairs onto the dais. When all the key players were in place, TehPastor stepped forward and motioned for the screaming crowd to hush, which they did almost instantly. In a clear, resonant voice that needed no extra amplification, he began to speak.

“It is good to see so many people have come to welcome these graduates into the Officer Corps. Each and every one of you are proof that despite the evil that pervades life here in Terra, there are so many who still care about our land and want to see justice done. Justice. That is the precept that each and every graduate, Officer, Mapper, and Administrator you see before you is dedicated to upholding. That is what we will bring back to Terra. Justice, is what we will give back to you!” The crowd exploded once more, and rather than quiet them TehPastor waited for the cheering to die down on its own. “So without further ado, we will begin the graduation ceremony.”

The Administrators took turns calling out sets of names, and those who were called stepped forward onto the dais to receive their badge, a handshake and kind words from each of the Administrators, and the roaring applause from the crowd. Mecha almost forgot to move off the dais after shaking the hand of FVANtom, the leader of all the citizens of Terra. Up close he seemed like any other man, but if the stories were true he was anything but. The ceremony (and cheering) continued until the last graduate had stepped down off the dais and back into the formation. Then FVANtom himself stepped forward to speak. A hush fell over the crowd without any need for him to motion. The most powerful person in all of TerraWorld cleared his throat softly and began to speak.

“Each and every one of you has proven themselves worthy of the badge you now wear. You will be asked to prove that worthiness many more time though, in the days to come. These are dark times, and a difficult task has been set before you. The way is long and arduous, but all you need to do to make it to the end is to listen to your hearts, trust in your comrades, and remember the Oath. Night gathers, and now the watch begins. At my post shall I remain, until Death or Dawn. I am the sword in the darkness…”

TehPastor stepped forward. “…I am the watcher on the walls…

“…I am the fire that burns against the cold…” continued Nesssa.

Armageddonn joined in as well. “…I am the light that brings the dawn and the shield that guards the realm…”

All officers, both new and old, cried out the last line in one voice, “I pledge my life and honor to the Officer Corps and to the people of Terraworld, and I shall stand this watch and every watch to come!” Every officer drew their sword and raised it in salute. FVANtom smiled and nodded to the Mappers, who raised their hands and began an incantation. Fireworks blossomed across the now dark sky and the crowd, which had amazingly not gone hoarse by this point, raised another cry of delight. Radon turned to the newly initiated Officers with a broad smile. “Congratulations folks. Go out and celebrate. And then report to the barracks for assignments bright and early tomorrow. Dismissed.”

The recruits cheered and scattered, all heading to the various bars, guild halls, and wherever else there was a party. Mecha stayed briefly to joke with a few friends, and then hurried off to the Angelics guild hall to celebrate. The festivities wouldn’t really get started until Ceri, their guild leader, arrived, but since she was Head Officer as well, she would probably be some time in arriving. Therefore, who better to get the party started than himself? He stepped into the guild hall to a wall of cheering faces, and soon lost himself in the festivities.

Chapter 1 was just a bit of exposition. In Chapter 2, hear about Mecha’s first assignment… and the start of his plunge into the dark underworld of Terra. Keep reading and giving me suggestions!

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