Consultancy starting again

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I've promised to keep you guys up-to-date about what I'm doing for TerraWorld and my new game TWA.

Well currently I'm still working on the monster system. I've finished a first working version of the pathfinder and I'm working on monster behavior artificial intelligence at the moment.

However, it's time again for me to do what is necessary and work for another company for a few months to earn the money to pay for the development of the games for next year.

To be able to keep working full-time on TerraWorld and TWA with a very modest paycheck I have to work around 4 or 5 months a year for another company.

This means that for the next few months I will be mostly helping the admins improving TerraWorld after my working hours. My work on TWA will be more or less suspended until after the consultancy.

I will keep you guys posted Smile

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Good luck tom Smile

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thansk for the update tom! Laughing out loud

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Sounds good. Gives the other staff members a chance to slowly develop more of the world. Smile

What sort of consultancy work do you do?