Christmas is coming and so will the events

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As of November 28th we will officially be starting our Christmas events. There are 3 events in total. An admin run Death Match, An Admin or Head Officer run Trivia and a Christmas Obstacle Race. These events will be run on a point system, each win will gain you a point towards a prize. On Christmas day we will tally up all the points and the winner in each event gets the magical prizes listed below.

First Place: Last Name Change
Second Place: 250k
Third Place: 100k

How the point system will work is in each event, you are given a point for placing either first, second or third, unless otherwise stated. The points will be recorded for that game, as each game goes by you will be building up points, at the end of the season we will calculate the person with the most "winning points" and their will be a First, Second and Third place winner in each Event.

details iin the event fourms,

Thanks Cai

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Freakin' sweet idea =)