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To support our game development activities and to broaden our total player base, we have created a mobile game. We will release this game first on Android and if it is successful also on iOS devices. http://apzorb.com

We have 2 game modes:

Time Challenge
Absorb as many blocks similar in color to your snake as possible in 90 seconds.

Apzorb Challenge
Absorb blocks of a similar color, without a time limit. But beware, wrong colors poison you!

The game has an OpenFeint scoreboard and achievement integration.

We have an ad-supported free version of the game. And a faster HD version without ads.

Click here to go to the android market

Check out the gameplay video:

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Just got it! I'll let ya know

Just got it! I'll let ya know how it is later on Smile

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let me know when you get it

let me know when you get it ported to iOs and ill get it for my iPhone4 ^_^