Zarkhan Island

Eons ago, when humans first learned to wield magic, an order of mages cast a powerful spell to help alleviate the severe arctic climate.

The spell backfired however. Instead of life giving warmth, the spell summoned forth blazing infernals; demonic spawn from the underworld itself.

These vicious fire demons ravaged the land, turning everything they touched to ash and cinder. The war was hard fought but eventually the demons were pushed back into the frigid mountains. Once cornered, the demons were sealed into hibernation induced by a powerful cold spell. This act also entombed the mages, a sacrifice to allow eternal channeling of the spell.

Hundreds of years have passed, and the adventurers are making their way to this land. Little do they realize the dangers soon to be unleashed upon the world. Nothing lasts forever, and sign indicate the spell is weakening.

God help those caught in the molten tidal wave should the seal fail.

Ok, here are additional

Ok, here are additional details for the island.


This island will have a tundra/arctic climate. This means plant life will be sparse rocks with moss, some shrubs and small trees along with some coniferous (pine) trees in the south. The town will be nestled in the northwestern corner of the island. The town will have a dock (that's right, no wandering around to find the town. That's just silly). The very southern edge of the island will have a beach but it will not contain the normal plant life you would find on a beach (no palm trees).

The mountains (the focal point of the story and the island) will take up a massive portion of the island's northeastern areas and will even extend a bit into the southern regions. The mountains will be navigated by man made paths and natural caverns. The summit of the mountain will contain a "shrine" where the Fire Demons are entombed. It is planned for there to be an NPC to guard the entrance. This NPC is planned to kill any player that has not completed the requisite quests, and will not remove vile status before doing so. You are an outsider and the shrine is considered sacred within the local religion. It is consecrated ground that requires the player to have the blessing of the religion's leader. How that will be given is up for debate at the moment.

Monster distribution has not yet been determined. Snow Serpents are almost a guarantee, at least within the mountain range. A few DH's might also make an appearance.

Finally, the entire island (town excluded) will be Player versus Player. If you do not like PvP, I am sorry. This island is meant for high level players and will be created as such. By the time you are reasonably strong enough for this island you should be more than capable of fending off most PvPers.


Coming soon...


It's a secret to everyone...

More will be added as it is created or planned.

Good to see that this is

Good to see that this is finally being released. Smile