What's Happening?

Over the last few weeks, some of you may have noticed a lack of admin presence yet a large amount of posts pertaining to projects that are currently ongoing. This is all still quite true, and all is being worked on, but just to be thorough, I'm making this post to alert you as to what is happening and who is working on what.

First of all, Ryze, the island meant to replace Secret City, was originally due to be released on the 15th of September, 2 days from now. Due to some slight changes in what is happening within the team and our current projects, I have decided to release the island today. However, outside of the basic NPC's and whatnot that are within Secret City, nothing else will be on this island yet. Quests will be there, but you will have to wait roughly one week for them.

This brings me to Tom and his project. For the most part, this particular part of our plan to revive Terra has been kept on the down low, but with the date of action approaching so rapidly, I feel it is time for players to know what Tom is doing. This sunday, according to a post made by Tom less than 24 hours ago, Tom will be working on a client update. Within this update, we are hoping to include a new, and quite small, selection of tiles for the game to give things just a little more variety, a selection of new items, a few of which will be released with Halloween (Which will still be released on October 15th as announced), A possible update on the look of a monster or two, and the rebalancing of items that have yet to be released. Although we are not adding very many items at the current time, There is quite a large selection that we hope to add in the near future. I will be posting another post prior to this client update with credit and thank you's to those who submitted these items to Terra for use.

Along with these updates, there have also been changes to the team. As many of you know, Dave, Jeremy and Jake left the team a few weeks ago due to personal issues, among other things. Since this time, we have unfortunately had to let Bobby and Tito go due to inactivity. On top of this John/Koma has also decided it was best he leave the team due to personal issues and time constraints.

This leaves the active team at a total of three, not including Tom. These admins are all Team admins (myself, Dooc and Armageddonn), and all three of us have projects to work on. Our officers are the same as they have been for quite some time, and we ask that, providing an officer is online, that you ask any questions of them before asking an admin unless you absolutely have to. We have a lot of work to do and are trying to have things done as quickly as possible.

On another note, Zarkhan Island, the project Charlie (Armageddonn) has been working on, is coming along slowly, but nicely. As most of the 'wilderness' of this island will be bland due to the climate and the story, the mapping will not take long at all. We are still hoping for a November release date, but are still not promising any guarantees.

Andy (Dooc) is also working on a project, but being that I am quite oblivious as to what this project is, other than a few small details, I will let him fill you in should he feel he would like too.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to talk to an admin in game.