Noob Island Guide

The complete guide to noob island.

Noob Island Guide

1. Getting Started
2. Stats and Skills
3. Controls
4. Enemies
5. FAQ
6. Quests

1. Getting Started

When first arriving on noob island, players are placed in the tutorial. Here, as you walk the short path to the first town, Karmiel, you learn about the game by reading signs placed around, giving a new player an idea of what they will see as they begin their adventure. Luckily, not only can you reenter the tutorial whenever you like, but when you reach Karmiel, You are immediately spoken to by Sister Nina, who informs you of this very guide, and of her 8 brothers.

The brothers are all named after an admin at the time of their creation. Each brother will teach you the basics of a certain profession, and most brothers will give you another quest to complete, so you can get some extra cash, or an item to help you along your way. Unlike the brothers of the past, however, none of these quests are mandatory, so you are literally the creator of your journey.

2. Stats and Skills

As stated above, each of the 8 brothers on noob island teach you the basics of a skill. To see your skills, you can click the hammer in the top right corner of the client. With this is mind, we’ll take a run through of the skills each brother teaches, and the other skills you can level while on noob island.

To start, we’ll begin with the brothers in order you will meet them, if you decide to complete their quests. As you enter the Karmiel, you are immediately spoken to by Sister Nina, who informs you of several things, one of which is the location of her brother, Andy. Andy will teach you fishing, an extremely important skill on noob island, as it is usually the skill used on this island for making money. Please note that you can easily level fishing with no assistance from Andy, but completing Andy’s quest while leveling fishing will assist you in making money, which is always useful, even if you might not need too much on noob island. Completing the quests from the brothers offers you the ability to be able to receive items helpful in leveling skills without having to purchase them yourself. While you will be able to purchase everything you need for just a few thousand gold, which you can earn in quite a short time with maxed fishing, it will be much easier on you to complete these quests.

Back on track, Brother Andy will teach you fishing, to fish, you simply need to equip a fishing pole, which you should have received when you first logged into the game. You can equip this by clicking on the fishing pole in your inventory, and selecting the option of equip. With that done, you face a body of water and press the tab key on your keyboard. This will cause you to fish. Remember, to pick up your fish and your other items by standing on any side of them and clicking them, or facing them from any side and hitting the ALT key.

Fishing is the fastest skill to level in the game. This will usually take you about half an hour non-stop, give or take a few minutes. You will also notice that as you fish, you catch different fish. This is based on the level your fishing has reached. If you’re wondering about when you will catch a different fish, consult the chart below.

After you complete fishing, you should have roughly 100 or so fish in your inventory. Cooking generally takes about 600 or so fish to max with. If you’d like, you can continue to catch fish until you have about that amount, or you can use the fish you have to get the hang of cooking with. Either way, cooking is simple to do, but can get frustrating. However, it does get better as you go. To cook, stand in front of a stove and face it, click the item you would like to cook in your inventory, and select cook. When you first start cooking, it takes several seconds for the food to finish cooking. It is also quite likely you will burn your food. Luckily, on TerraWorld when you burn food, you don’t lose it. The item will appear uncooked in your inventory again, and you’ll be able to cook it again in a few seconds.

There is no definitive answer to how long it will take you to cook an item depending on your level, but once you hit roughly level 80, it takes only about 3 seconds to cook anything from there on out. This will stay as it is as long as you play the game. Once a skill hits 100, it stays there unless if is found out you received those levels dishonestly.

Brother Charlie the third brother you are directed to in the series of quests, will teach you the basics of fighting. This is a fairly simple subject to understand, as in order to attack, you simply need to hit tab while in the vicinity of a monster, and you will hit them. Later in this guide, and continuing on into the new Players to Main guide, we will cover monsters and other skills that you can’t level on noob island.

After brother Charlie, you are directed to Brother Bobby, the Lumberjacking brother. Just like the last three brothers, you learn how to level the skill of lumberjacking. Assuming you paid attention in the tutorial, you will know that the tree seen here [lj tree image] is the only tree you can actually chop down. Luckily, the 2 maps to the left of brother bobby are filled with these trees. On top of this you are also able to respawn them for the small fee of a silver token, allowing you to lumberjack continuously until you’ve maxed your skill of lumberjacking.

Of course, it is not necessary to do this. These quests should you choose to complete them, are just a way to guide you through the basics of these skills while allowing you do easily make some money along the way. Our next brother is Brother John, the alchemist, and likely the worst skill that most people level on noob island.

In a general sense, Alchemy is an easy, simple skill. To make a potion, you need three items: a color sand, on noob, there is only blue sand, a potion bottle, and the color crystal that matches your sand. You need to equip your sand just as you would a fishing pole or shield, stand before and alchemy lab while facing it, click your bottle, and select mix. Like Cooking, your beginning mix time will be several seconds and decrease as you continue leveling the skill. Unfortunately, leveling alchemy comes with a high rate of messing up your potions.

Following Alchemy comes Mining, which you can learn from Brother Tito. Mining is quite simple, and allows you to get ore and crystals for use later. To Mine, you simply equip your hammer and face a mining rock, which looks like this (mining rock image) then press the TAB key.

Blacksmithing is a skill that everyone needs to use at some point. Most older players tend to try to plus items, which can be done at any level, but is much easier to achieve when your Blacksmithing level has reached the maximum of 100. Blacksmithing can be done with a damaged item, a chunk of ore used to repair the item, and a blacksmithing anvil. To smith an item, you click the item in your inventory, with your blacksmithing hammer equipped, and click smith while facing an anvil. If you are unable to smith the item, you are likely not facing the anvil, or you have the wrong ore. If you are unsure of what ore fixes that, click the item while facing an anvil with your hammer equipped and select smith. The system will tell you that you need a chunk of a certain ore in order to smith that item.

Last but not least comes magic. This ability will be of much use on the main island, but you are very limited in spells while still on noob island. Each class (Adventurer, Warrior and Mage) begins the game with a different spell. However, when you reach the island of Eyre, which you can do at any time provided you don’t die in the process, you can purchase all three spells. Purchasing a spell you already have is pointless as you can not learn it twice. Casting a spell is simple, You need to select the spell in your list, which can be accessed by clicking on the green sparkles in the top right corner of your client, selecting the spell, and clicking the lighting bolt. Then, you can click anywhere on a map and the spell will cast. While on Noob Island, you can cast minor heal or inxition on yourself. You can use Fireball to damage a target, such as a monster, or another player if you are in pvp.

Not that we’ve gotten through all of that, we’ll cover all of the skills that you can learn in one way or another while on noob island and the level they will reach.

Parry - 100
Axe Fighting – 50
Magery – 30
Blessing – 30
Staff Fighting – 30
Hammer Weilding – 50
Fire – 30
Block – 100
Punch – 50
Lumberjacking – 100
Fishing – 100
Blacksmithing – 100
Mining – 100
Cooking – 100
Alchemy – 100

As you can see, not all skills can be leveled on noob island, and some will only level to a certain point. This is obviously for a reason. Skills that level to 50 are skills that require you to be in the Warrior Faction to Max. Skills that go to 30 require the Mage faction for the same reason. Being that you can’t join a faction until you are on the main island, these skills only go so high. Other skills that you can’t level are only able to level when you reach a certain level of a certain skill. However, the skill of Shoveling is not currently able to be leveled, where as Musicianship can only be leveled until a certain level on the main island, and all levels are earned through quests.

Stat changes are earned through mastering skills. Most skill master at level 90, but some will also take longer to master. Please keep in mind that not all skills will raise your stats. While we’re discussing them, lets cover what the stats mean to your character.

Strength: This affects how much damage you do, and what armor and items you may carry. Everyone starts off with 20 Strength. The Maximum Strength at the time is 33.

Stamina: Determines how fast you get hungry. This may seem to not be such a big deal, but it can get annoying and eventually dangerous. If you get hungry, which is quite often while starting off, you can eat, which is best to do before you become starving. However, if you do become starving, you need to eat until you are full, then relog into the game, or you hp and mp will not regenerate on their own.

Intelligence: Affects the level that sword skills can reach. Sword skills will all max at 21 Intelligence.
Wisdom: Determines how much damage your spells do.
Mysticism: Determines which spells you can learn.

3. Controls

Arrow Keys - Control the movement of your character.
Control Key (CTRL) – Allows your character to pivot on the spot. Note, this effect is not visible to other players unless the character performs an action, refreshing the look of their character.
Alt – Allows you to pick up items directly in front of your character.
Click – Within the game map, allows you to pick up an item on any side of your character. Facing the item is not needed. Clicking also allows the casting of a spell, the ability to speak to any NPC (Non-Player Character).
TAB – Allows you to attack of perform an action associated with an item, such as fishing with a fishing pole, chopping a lumberjacking tree, mining a rock, etc.

4. Enemies

Although Terra has plenty of monsters for you to attack and kill for items, money, and HP, Noob Island only has a small selection. The following is the information regarding every monster that can be found on noob island, and where you will be able to locate these monsters.

Note: Max HP is the highest HP a monster can allow you to reach. The 1/# following a drop from a monster is the chance that that particular drop will occur. However, do not assume that you will most definitely receive one of those items within that period. The drop system works differently than that.

Max HP – 34
Drops – 2 gold ½
Apple 1/3
Leather Cap 1/50
Leather Boots 1/75
Leather Armor 1/100
Location – Slimes can be found around the town of Karmiel.

Max HP – 42
Drops – 3 gold 1/4
Location – Wolves can be found within the dark forest, the beach south of Karmiel, the path to Edgewood, and to the east and slight North East of Edgewood.

Max HP – 58
Drops – 10 Gold ½
Pie – ½
5 Blue Crystals 1/10
Chain Armor 1/100
Location – Imps are located only in the Elven Cave in the Dark Forest Northeast of karmiel.

Max HP – 64
Drops – 10 Gold 1/1
Orc Meat ½
Short Sword 1/30
Location – Orc’s are located South of Edgewood.

Max HP – 85
Drop – Herb 1/1
Location – There is only one elf on Noob island, which is located in the cave in the dark forest.

Mega Slime
Max HP – 92
Drops – 25 gold 1/3
Damaged Plate Helm 1/75
Location – Mega Slimes are located in the Mega Slime cave just North East of Karmiel.

Please Note, you may find any of these creatures elsewhere. The locations are listed as the most popular location used by players to kill these mobs.

5. Frequently asked Questions

Q: Where can I get [item]?

A: This depends on the item in question. Various quests on noob island will reward items that will help you along your way. More common items, such as Leather armors, Chain armors, or swords, such as the long sword and the short sword, can be purchased within shops in different towns.

Q: How can I get to [town, place]?

A: You begin your journey through TerraWorld in Karmiel. From here, you can reach anywhere you wish providing you are strong enough to do so. Edgewood is to the East of Karmiel, Eyre has a more secretive location. You are best off asking a player also on the island for help with this, or checking the help forum for a site that will walk you through the journey to Eyre.

Q: What do I need to leave to the Main Island.

A: In order to begin the quest to take you to Main, you need to have 50 hp. This is all you will need.

Q: I can’t remember what I was supposed to do for a quest. What do I do?

A: Almost every quest on noob island is based in the quest editor. In this case, the quest will still tell you what you need to do. All you need to do to see this information is click ‘GAME’ located at the top of your client, then select ‘Open Quest Window’. Upon doing this, you need to select the name of the quest which you were trying to complete. If you can’t remember, you will need to select any quest that you have yet to complete and look at the most recent instructions given. If you are still having trouble at this point, contact another player or an officer for assistance.

6. Quests

As soon as you begin the game, you are pointed to Karmiel Docks to begin Brother Andy’s quest. As you can see from previous parts of this guide, there are 8 quests that deal with the brothers, which you can complete at any time. Most of these brothers will offer you a second quest. However, there are also other quests on Noob Island.

Obviously, the quest to reach the main island, as discussed previously, is one. You can begin this when you have 50 hp. Outside of this, Noob Island also offers a quest which will reward an ice shield. This quest, however, is not held within the default quest editor. Asking other players or staff for help will be your best bet in finding a way to complete this quest.