Goodbye Somnium!

Back by popular demand, the TerraWorld Admin team would like to present to you, once again, Noob Island.

Over a large span of time, and roughly one dozen admins, Somnium was a project the entire community was involved in. Unfortunately, the island dubbed Somnium, which took the place of the old noob island has been tossed.

Of course, the island still exists, but as of right now, at this very moment, Somnium is no longer noob island.

If you make your way to Karmiel spawn and hear to the left, or west if you prefer, you will notice a sign, which points you in the right direction. If you continue following the signs, you will eventually come to a small corn field from which you will see part of a dock. By walking onto the ship on the next map, you will be able to board a ship, with no quest mind you, that will take you back to what the players of Terra from the days of old mostly called home.

As you will see when you arrive an have the time to look around, the island is almost exactly as it was. We made some mapping updates in all of the towns, but otherwise, the noob island you most likely once loved is just as you left it, if you ever did.

Aside from the obvious mapping changes, we made some quest changes as well. The quest to get the ice shield is the same as it was before somnium. We've reverted the quest to main island to be a quest editor version of what it was before, and as you will see, we have a new team of brothers.


Although similar to the brothers we did have at one point, this set of brothers are NOT mandatory. New players to noob island will now have a choice as to how they lean the basics. They, of course, can explore themselves and figure out things on their own. They can also choose the path of the brothers, learning the basics while at the same time, earning some start up cash, and a few items. However, there is a third option that all new players will receive upon leaving the tutorial. Along with these 8 brothers, there is exactly one sister. She has no quest associated with her. While she is the one that alerts new players to the brothers on the island, she also tells players of a full guide to noob island, complete with everything from basic controls to getting to Eyre, even delving into the sometimes elusive ice shield and ice hammer in Eyre.

We hope, by extension of the older players that have wanted the old noob island back so much, our new incoming players will see that the game, though sometimes redundant, is a nice place to be and make friends.


(NOTE: As of the post of this announcement, the noob guide is not complete. As I am writing this guide, I hope to have it released at some point tonight, as players will not be able to start directly from the tutorial on the old noob island until sometime tomorrow morning. Older players, or anyone for that matter, please do your best to assist any new players until we have absolutely everything up and ready to go.)