Egg Hunt Ends

After an incredible week of players hunting for easter eggs, our last hunt for the season has come to a close. And the winners are....

Evitan in first place with 19850
Kripcrank in second place with 15686
FlamingVictory in third with 14016

These players can find their prizes in their donation chests.

But we certainly can' not overlook the rest of the top ten.

4th - Emeraldice with 5778
5th - XAdamsSongX with 5193
6th - Evellieen with 3894
7th - Welshie with 2574
8th - Wonderwoman with 1754
9th - Turrin with 1509
10th - NintendoDude with 1358

We look forward to next year and another great egg hunt. Until then, Happy Hunting.