Easter Reminders

Hello Players of Terra World!

Just letting everyone know several Easter's with no easter egg hunts, that there are certain things about the eggs all should remember.

1.Eggs only spawn on grass tiles in Escher, Reet, Antwerp, and the Crossroads. As a note, the Tea Time CTF arena is located in Antwerp, so this, and only this, event will contain easter eggs.

2. Unlike past years, no eggs will be found on Noob Island this year.

3. Eggs will not spawn on grass tiles that are covered by layer three tiles. This means that trees or rooftops will never have eggs under them. However, monsters can sit on eggs, and they can spawn under monsters, so don't let them hide the eggs from you!

4. Easter eggs baskets will fill up, but the amount of eggs they can carry is random. You may be able to pick up only one egg, or one hundred, before your basket is full, so make sure to bring plenty of back ups along.

Remember, if you find an egg that is stuck, let a member of staff know, and stay by the egg, so we can get you the points you deserve.

Happy Hunting!