Drop Recalibration

Several months ago, the admin team discussed a plan for recalibrating drops after the next client update. While this event will still happen, I have redone mob drops, making almost all drops more likely. HOWEVER,

please be aware that while almost all drop rates were improved, this does not mean that you will receive a drop far more often than usual. The drop system works in such a way that most drops would have to change drastically to increase the drop rate even a tiny bit. Most items from mobs will be seen more often, but this does not mean that you will suddenly be able to kill 50 ghouls and get 7 damaged titanium armors. If you actually succeed in that, consider yourself lucky.

I would also like to announce that while we have not had a client update, a new item was released into the game as a drop on wolves. This weapon will assist players on noob island very slightly, as it is not the best weapon released onto the island.

On another note, another new weapon was released on the main island. This item is a drop from a monster that most players don't bother to kill, or even bother visiting.

Happy Hunting, and keep a look out for another drop redo when we finally receive a client update.