Changes in Ryze

As you all should know, Ryze is the recent replacement for the failure that was Secret City. The following are changed made to Ryze to make up for the losses in Secret City. Nothing is new.

The seller of the Ninja Uniform, or whichever it was, is now in Ryze. Heading just north east of town, you will find a small cave. Here, you will see the seller of Ninja items, and in the back, a ladder leading down. This ladder leads to the Ryze Catacombs. This is where you will find several maps of ghouls. You will also notice that as soon as you enter the catacombs, you enter a map with 2 healers. Of course, the seller of the Silver crossbow is also here.

Outside of these details, Ryze would not be completely replacing Secret City without the seller of the ever popular and mighty FireDragon boots. One map down from the Weapon and Armor shops, you will not immediately see the entrance to the seller. However, wandering the map, I assure you will find him. The title of the map should give you a hint.

Last but not least, we of course need the seller of the scroll that allows you to retrieve the password to Larcenia. Directly south of the Inn in Ryze is a tree house. As the title of the map will tell you, it is unwise to enter this building without the Monoic password. As if that wasn't enough of a hint, I'm basically trying to tell you that you need the Monoic password to, obviously, get the scroll, but also to leave the building at all. If you don't pay attention to the large letters below the map, don't expect me to feel sympathy for you if you walk in and cry about not being able to get out. I'll probably release you, but I'll take my sweet time doing it. Anyway, moving on. Entering the building, you will see that you obviously need to enter your monoic password to visit the seller of the scroll, Bigham. Doing this warps you to another map on which you can purchase the scroll. Finally, you can enter your password a second time and be ported back outside the building.

Have fun. If anyone happens to remember or notice anything within Secret City that is not in Ryze, please let me know as soon as possible.